where people say
Tinagboy(44): I want to be a woman so bad.
Tinagboy(44): Oh I do. I want to feel you cum in me.
Tinagboy(44): Hold my head back as you fill my mouth
Tinagboy(44): Look down as I'm ridding you.
Tinagboy(44): Feel you run your hands on my body
Tinagboy(44): I want you
Tinagboy(44): We would be so happy
Tinagboy(44): I need you inside of me
Tinagboy(44): I want long black hair
Tinagboy(44): I want to see you fucking my tits
Tinagboy(44): I want you so bad. I'm going to be thinking about you all the time
Tinagboy(44): That's what I dream about. Being a woman for a girl like you
Tinagboy(44): I hate my life
Tinagboy(44): Please don't forget me
Tinagboy(44): When I can get away from my wife. Then I changed my password and username. You going to be the same baby?
Tinagboy(44): Morning and afternoon. 9, 12 3 for you baby
Tinagboy(44): Want you so much
Tinagboy(44): Feeling like I am never going to have you
Tinagboy(44): Life sucks
Tinagboy(44): Love you. Sweet dreams
Tinagboy(44): Want to be able to be with you
Tinagboy(44): Sweet dreams. Hope that I can feel you in my dreams
Tinagboy(44): Why is it that I have to be a man??? All I want is to take care of my man
Tinagboy(44): I'm so in love
Tinagboy(44): To dress up for him. Dress up with him
msassy214(20): F/20 here! Trade and sexting are my hobbies, come and join me ;) kik me @msassy214
Tinagboy(44): Any Tgirls want to chat with a mangirl
Tinagboy(44): Don't know how to
Tinagboy(44): Man that needs help from a girl
Tinagboy(44): Love talking about girl stuf
Tinagboy(44): Sexy stuff
Tinagboy(44): Ridding him ect
Tinagboy(44): Looks kinda painful
Tinagboy(44): Wish I had sexy stuff on
Sissylaceyxx(22): What's painful?
Tinagboy(44): Thing on the tool
Tinagboy(44): I don't want to look down and see a cock
Tinagboy(44): Between my legs
Sissylaceyxx(22): U talking about me?
Tinagboy(44): Want to see and feel a pussy
Tinagboy(44): I dream about being a woman. Seeing a man deep inside my pussy
Tinagboy(44): Seeing him cum on my stomach
Tinagboy(44): Being on my knees and seeing his cock in my mouth
Tinagboy(44): I'm so hot right now I could go outside and find any cock to suck.
Tinagboy(44): Wish I could
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