where people say
"I shall listen."
melissagreen(19): i like to shoot monsters and men from a distance
fatspepper(18): Which final fantasy?
fatspepper(18): lmao that sounds like a girl for me
fatspepper(18): ah nice I haven't played that one yet
melissagreen(19): i don't like having to go in for sword fights and stuff
melissagreen(19): it might ruin my makeup
fatspepper(18): Oh cmon that make up ain't doin much on a pretty face
melissagreen(19): any good games you know i might like?
melissagreen(19): my friends say i am pretty
fatspepper(18): well there ya go
Steelcitydude(40): They have too lol
fatspepper(18): and I like skyrim and games of that sort
melissagreen(19): are there hot girls on skyrim?
fatspepper(18): Depends on what kind ya like lol
melissagreen(19): ha ha i don't like
fatspepper(18): There's a whole lot of bare chests if that's ya thing lmao
fatspepper(18): Well then what I shame
melissagreen(19): neverrrrrrrr
melissagreen(19): i like mens bare chests
fatspepper(18): Well there's a lot more of that so you'd probably like it
melissagreen(19): cool i will try that one
fatspepper(18): well why not
melissagreen(19): i don't know - first day here
fatspepper(18): Oh thought that was for me lol
melissagreen(19): no just the rude one
melissagreen(19): ha ha kids, your name says youre 18
melissagreen(19): its ok i like older men
melissagreen(19): umm i like to talk to guys
fatspepper(18): What an interesting statement 😂
melissagreen(19): giggles - girl likes guys - surprise
fatspepper(18): My god I never woulda guessed
melissagreen(19): what do you like
melissagreen(19): oh that's cool
melissagreen(19): sorry don't have kik
xyz09(19): What music do u like
melissagreen(19): am i using up all your charge
fatspepper(18): Haha no don't worry it's just it takes forever to load
melissagreen(19): i like many kinds, not too heavy
xyz09(19): What genres r ur favorite
melissagreen(19): i just like individual artists. ed sheeran, paul Kelly,
melissagreen(19): which room am i in
fatspepper(18): Transgender
melissagreen(19): oh ok i like to dance to that
fatspepper(18): I've been tryin to learn how to dance lol
melissagreen(19): some people it just comes naturally i think
melissagreen(19): as long as im having fun im happy with any music
fatspepper(18): Well it's a shame ya don't have a kik you seem like a fun friend to have
melissagreen(19): i am a very up person, usually happy and smiling
melissagreen(19): but lately i seem to be tearing up a lot - its the hormones i guess
fatspepper(18): And ya most likely
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