where people say
"We can learn to know eachother"
Wheezy(18): Why akex
chasseur12(33): Wanna see mine alex
JackR1(24): Who wants kik?
alexander34(20): jajaja i dont have dick pics here
alexander34(20): that would destroy my asshole
Wheezy(18): Alex I suggest you start small
Daveey2300(26): Sounds like he's alaresdy enjoyed the big d so let him carry on
JackR1(24): Do you want kik?
Wheezy(18): So your ass doesn't get destroyed
Wheezy(18): Hi cumslut
alexander34(20): well ive already had sex but big ones make me moan like crazy
Wheezy(18): Oh lol never mind then
Wheezy(18): I better stick my cock in your mouth to keep you quite then
JackR1(24): Having fun
alexander34(20): who you talking to
alexander34(20): well let me send a pic
JackR1(24): JackRRR1
Wheezy(18): So horny
alexander34(20): add me on whatsapp
alexander34(20): and ill send pics
Daveey2300(26): You not got kik I don't have whatsapp
Wheezy(18): Ugh I need to fuck or be fucked
Wheezy(18): Mmmm alex
JackR1(24): JackRRR1
alexander34(20): i dont have kik only whatsapp
JackR1(24): U can make an account in a minute
alexander34(20): well jajaja maybe we can meet sometime
alexander34(20): nooo add me on on whatsapp
Wheezy(18): Hi cumslut
alexander34(20): im doing the kik
Steve987677(20): Anyone wanna sext over Kik
alexander34(20): ernesto.lopez
alexander34(20): thats my real name lol
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