where people say
"Message me on kik @mariajuana05"
Marjorie2(23): Message me on kik @mariajuana05
TulipWrap(21): Pirate command doesn’t work
TulipWrap(21): no Bitch I won’t add you on kik
TulipWrap(21): testing rainbow
TulipWrap(21): Wow nothing works anymore whack
TulipWrap(21): That still works
Bae(0): TulipWrap,
TulipWrap(21): You don’t need calories you just need to lick
TulipWrap(21): eat my ass?
Bot(0): TulipWrap, huhu
TulipWrap(21): eat my pussy
Bot(0): TulipWrap, [email protected] EdelGast
TulipWrap(21): Marjorie say hello first
Marjorie2(23): then what?
TulipWrap(21): Oh wow you actually aren’t a bot
Bot(0): TulipWrap, [email protected] EdelGast
Marjorie2(23): Im not both
Marjorie2(23): talk to you dad
Bot(0): TulipWrap, Heiya
TulipWrap(21): English ain’t your first language or you just from Alabama?
Marjorie2(23): Talk to your self
TulipWrap(21): What the fuck do you think have a conversation with you is like Marjorie?
TulipWrap(21): It’s like talking to myself
TulipWrap(21): You antiquated juggle midget
TulipWrap(21): Mandy you sexy green eyed bitch come back
Marjorie2(23): message me on kik @mariajuana05
iamsydney00021(21): Looking for some fun? Add me @ kik @ iamsydney00021
BreakMeIn(35): Who wants to break my ass In
TulipWrap(21): Let’s go, I’ll break that ass in till I can use like a sleeping bag
Loopy51(51): What up yall!!!!
Jackmess(16): How are y’all
Jackmess(16): Anyone here?
CassieXBooty(22): Kik: CassieXBooty and check out more of me featured at :)
CassieXBooty(22): Also check out for lots of fun and even easy extra $$$ :)
Xaax(22): Anybody
KELSEYJEDLER(23): Message me on kik @mariajuana05
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