where people say
"Because you'll stay that way"
Vaisaur(18): The handicapped, the mentally ill, i know
AlbertJ15(15): I have 9 days of school left
pizza(22): yourselfFine yourself?
pizza(22): Wtf glitchy
AlbertJ15(15): I like girls.
Vaisaur(18): I have 16
Vaisaur(18): Minus the weekends
AlbertJ15(15): Yeah minus the days off
Vaisaur(18): Its scaryyyy
Vaisaur(18): Ooo tummy ache
Vaisaur(18): I knew chipotle would do this to my belly
pizza(22): You ate E. coli
Vaisaur(18): Its free food so im not complaining that much
pizza(22): I had a coupon for a free chipotle burrito
pizza(22): but I left it in my apartment at school :|
Vaisaur(18): A new one opened up and my friend is working there so she gave out invitations for their "pre grand opening"
Vaisaur(18): Got to have whatever for free
pizza(22): Free diarrhea
AlbertJ15(15): Lmao wtf this girl put me on her snapchat story, WITHOUT MY FUCKING CONSENT
Vaisaur(18): Got me that double wrapped chicken/barbacoa burrito
Vaisaur(18): Sue her albert
pizza(22): And blood in your stool
Vaisaur(18): Ill let you know if theres blood in about 10mins
AlbertJ15(15): I'll sue her
pizza(22): Thanks. Collect a sample for testing
AlbertJ15(15): Lol wtf why did she video tape me and put a red marker thing over me even though I'm clearly there?
Vaisaur(18): Whats it say
AlbertJ15(15): Nothing it's just scribble
AlbertJ15(15): Wait u talkin to me?
Vaisaur(18): Oh boy my burp tastes like my burrito
Vaisaur(18): I have regrets
AlbertJ15(15): Filthy peasant
Vaisaur(18): Das me alright
AlbertJ15(15): How does one snap chat?
Vaisaur(18): Whatcha mean
AlbertJ15(15): What do the cool people post on their story?
Vaisaur(18): Literally anything
pizza(22): I think you need drugs and alcohol
Vaisaur(18): Ppl love my guinea pigs lol
AlbertJ15(15): I don't know what the story is for
AlbertJ15(15): Time to post dick pics
AlbertJ15(15): Lmao jk jk
Vaisaur(18): You just put whatever there
Vaisaur(18): And then you can see whos seen your story
Vaisaur(18): And thats basically it. Its there for a day
pizza(22): Post yourself doing illegal things
Vaisaur(18): Except iv never done it
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