where people say
Mikey0056(37): Oh no, she aimed for me
obeloam(35): I prefer eccentric
Mikey0056(37): Eccentric in what way?
obeloam(35): Hard to define
Mikey0056(37): Don't hurt yourself. Jk, hehe. 😆
obeloam(35): I guess I really don't have a defining moment
Mikey0056(37): Ok. Do u have like wild thoughts? What do your paintings tell u?
obeloam(35): Anger issues
obeloam(35): Crazy dreams
obeloam(35): Dysfunctional family
obeloam(35): You know the usual
Mikey0056(37): Unfortunately I do
obeloam(35): Okay good example on the way to the store and was stopped by a police officer and he said I've been waiting all morning for you
obeloam(35): And the first thing I said was got here as fast as I could
obeloam(35): $400 ticket
Mikey0056(37): Okay. That is just hysterical. And quick thinking.
obeloam(35): In Monday accidentally texted wrong number
obeloam(35): So they just kept calling me and I just breathed into the phone
obeloam(35): Made me laugh
obeloam(35): Alone again. ..
obeloam(35): Ouch rejection
obeloam(35): Anyone here? ??
obeloam(35): O thought you left
Mikey0056(37): Do u have Kik or anything?
obeloam(35): I did I deleted too many dick pics
Mikey0056(37): Yeah. I get that. I don't send those, Lol. Dicks r not pretty.
obeloam(35): Besides I am married really hard to explain why I have pictures of dicks on my phone
Mikey0056(37): Just asking cuz this chat room doesn't seem stable. But it's all good
Mikey0056(37): For comparison reasons duh! Lmao
obeloam(35): In the last time I posted my pictures some little she called me a dime and I don't know what that means
Mikey0056(37): I thought so
Mikey0056(37): Me neither.
obeloam(35): Could be at 10 or a dime a dozen not sure
Mikey0056(37): Couldn't tell u. I'm sure a 10
obeloam(35): Little shit.. screen name Mills
obeloam(35): Beside you live in Atlanta what if I know you
Mikey0056(37): Milan dikker?
Mikey0056(37): I don't anymore.
obeloam(35): Where do you live
Mikey0056(37): Florida. My Kik name is lmike0056
obeloam(35): Yeah last comment didn't come through
obeloam(35): Guess the thing is broken again
obeloam(35): If you get this nice chatting going to get dressed now
Mikey0056(37): So u r ending it with me and telling me u r getting dressed. U know I am a guy and what a typical guy would say right?
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