where people say
"Oh it's so fucking hard to be white, you need some..."
Kiaken(19): Hey everybody
Kiaken(19): Great name btw lol
TraceFace(24): bored out of my mind
Noah161(16): I'm bored and horny
TraceFace(24): I'm not horny...sorry lol
Noah161(16): How's was ur day
TraceFace(24): boring, I should be cleaning up the apartment but the couch and throw blanket called my name lol
TraceFace(24): how was yours.
TraceFace(24): hi maximus lol
wisdumb(88): sorry I farted
mugger(99): i gotta pee
Noah161(16): I'm horny and bored
Legend(77): bored bored and bored
TraceFace(24): I wonder when its finally going to be fall
TraceFace(24): last week it was freezing every single morning when I got off work but when I would wake up in the afternoon it would be so stinking hot out
Legend(77): story time ?
Legend(77): bored bored and bored
Legend(77): hahahhahahahaahahahah
TraceFace(24): lol its hard to argue with someone when they are naked..... that's seriously what I just heard on the TV
TraceFace(24): well I guess I better get the cleaning and cooking before my husband gets home... granted it won't be til 9 but I get side tracked very easily
StalinsGF(16): HEY HEY HEY
StalinsGF(16): Well I think I'm gonna go
Alphafuck(18): How is everyone
Alphafuck(18): Gdog any girls still here
Gdog(39): No. Sorry
im15(15): hey ppl
countryworker2(18): Any one wanna buy a custom ar15 chamberd in 300 blk out comes 6 mags and 200 rounds
countryworker2(18): Can be class 3 if requested
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