where people say
"Is this the fucking remix?"
Queen(19): Josh is really gay
Greyhoundz(99): Lets all get wet.haha
Greyhoundz(99): Hmmm josh aint gay
Fate(19): Feeling the love, Sara
Queen(19): I'm soaked. My vagina is so wet
Queen(19): Ashton is shoving her fingers inside it
Fate(19): Sara Hates me Che
Greyhoundz(99): Lmao davis hahaha
Queen(19): And I'm on chatbored lol
Greyhoundz(99): Oh....josh...LQ?
Queen(19): You think I'm joking, but I'm completely serious
ilky(29): Show pic lol
Queen(19): Josh I hate you cause you hate pans
Fate(19): I love pans
Greyhoundz(99): Whats pans?
Queen(19): Iiiiight here ya go
Fate(19): I cook shit in them
Fate(19): I prefer pots though
ilky(29): Hahahaha
Fate(19): Pots are better for drugs
Greyhoundz(99): Oh frying pans! Haha
Queen(19): Still you're gay
Greyhoundz(99): Wb rosebuds
Queen(19): No josh hates my pans
Fate(19): And you're Pansexual
LegendaryTater(99): Thank ya Che ;)
Queen(19): Is that taterflower
Fate(19): Which is sexy in some cases
LegendaryTater gets moist thinking of Che
Fate(19): Pans=Ass?
Queen(19): Hi rosey my love
Queen(19): My ass is great
Fate(19): Your ass is nice
Greyhoundz is soaking wet right now.....bc rain is pouring so hard
LegendaryTater "rain.."
Queen(19): I'm still getting fingered
Queen(19): My ass is amazing josh and you know it
Fate(19): I should go fap
Fate(19): Not now though
Greyhoundz(99): Getting
LegendaryTater(99): Davy and Fate sitting in a tree
Greyhoundz(99): Josh atleast when u fap...take a pic? Lol jkjk
Queen(19): I would push him out
Fate(19): Yes, you have a great ass. I already said that
LegendaryTater(99): First comes love then comes marriage then comrs the baby in the baby carriage
Fate(19): I would fall staring at her ass hanging off the tree
LegendaryTater(99): Thats not all thats not all
Greyhoundz(99): And then
LegendaryTater(99): The baby drink alcohol
Fate(19): But Ashton would murder me in cold blood...
Fate(19): Is this the fucking remix?
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