where people say
Gaylord(20): why do you have these?
OrNah(22): Why even wear lipstick
OrNah(22): I'm looking them up as I post them..
OrNah(22): I don't already have them
Justina(18): no lips lol
OrNah(22): Because I'm bored
Gaylord(20): they're saved lel
Gaylord(20): Michelle Obama doe
AkaJesusChrist(19): 17 percent doe
AkaJesusChrist(19): Looney toons are on point
KeepCalm(21): Yea but he don't look shit like a real taz
AkaJesusChrist(19): how do they do it: Mexico
AkaJesusChrist(19): Its gonna be a new show
AkaJesusChrist(19): Mexico ruined discovery channel
AkaJesusChrist(19): Mexico ruins everything
OrNah(22): Oh my lanta
Hiya(16): dem lips
Hiya(16): she sexy
Hiya(16): more like wet dreams
AkaJesusChrist is scarred for life
OrNah(22): Her facial expression lmao
Hiya(16): amirite
OrNah(22): Imagine the sound she's making
Hiya(16): sounds secual
AkaJesusChrist(19): Koala needs typing lessons
jessiebear(22): Dude Dwayne don't send me stupid pictures alright
Hiya(16): come give me typonh lesskns
Gaylord(20): Hiya send me a pic
Hiya(16): matt you first
OrNah(22): This scares me
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