where people say
"I slept thru halloween ;..("
Chelseagirl(22): Also having problem sleeping.
Chelseagirl(22): Now I have a bruce on my arm
Bigcb9999(18): Well that's crap I know how it feels
Chelseagirl(22): I can't work :(
Bigcb9999(18): i have broken my arm twice, broken my leg, and fractured my arm as well
Chelseagirl(22): How did u do that?
Bigcb9999(18): Well my brother broke my arm for the first time
Chelseagirl(22): Yeah I been having dislocate shoulder for 3 years
Chelseagirl(22): And also back problem
Bigcb9999(18): i was a toddler and he was like probably 5 and was playing power rangers with me and pulled my arm
Chelseagirl(22): Wah so strong lol
Bigcb9999(18): The next time was my sister knocked me off a milk cart and fell straight on my arm haha
Chelseagirl(22): I can't sleep on my back
Bigcb9999(18): That's crap
Bigcb9999(18): Sip bugs bunny
Chelseagirl(22): Ruby!!!!!!!!
Chelseagirl(22): Ruby I missed u! Hehe
BunnyBabe(19): Hey Chels :)
Bigcb9999(18): I can't be bothered typing the other stories
Bigcb9999(18): Haha lazy me :)
BunnyBabe(19): I miss myself too
Chelseagirl(22): Lol big it ok :)
Bigcb9999(18): You 2 know each other?
Chelseagirl(22): How r u? And is that guy stop bothering u? Ruby
Chelseagirl(22): Big everyone knows me lol
BunnyBabe(19): Yeah I'm fine :/ lol what guy?
Chelseagirl(22): Just joking not all know me on here
Bigcb9999(18): Haha well it's my first time getting to know you
BunnyBabe(19): Who's big? Are u new here?
Chelseagirl(22): Ruby there was a guy bothering u. I forgot his name haha
BunnyBabe(19): Oh my ex chels?
Bigcb9999(18): ive been on here for about 2 weeks
Chelseagirl(22): Almost a year I been on this site.
Bigcb9999(18): So yes I'm a newbie
Bigcb9999(18): damn you must have a a lot of time on your hands
Chelseagirl(22): I used to go on a site called chathour
Bigcb9999(18): Same thing ?
Chelseagirl(22): The whole chathour knows me. U ask anyone on there and they know me.. Haha
Zig(26): Sup chels
Bigcb9999(18): Who you talking to bunny? Haha well you are popular then
Chelseagirl(22): I was on that site I think 2 years
Zig(26): Fuckers
BunnyBabe(19): I'm taking to you guys 👌
Chelseagirl(22): Your ex stop bothering u ruby?
Bigcb9999(18): What's with the language zig calm down my man
Zig(26): I slept thru halloween ;..(
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