where people say
"I GUARANTEE satisfaction!HMU and i am ready to ful..."
Justlookinather(24): is your muffin buttered?
Bot(0): Justlookinather, hi hru
Justlookinather(24): would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
Bot(0): Justlookinather,
Justlookinather(24): OK bot, don't hurt yourself
Bot(0): Justlookinather, will you jerk off with me on her pics??
Bot(0): Justlookinather, same bi?
aloneprince(28): kik me @makabbas50
Justlookinather(24): Bot is on acid did
Bot(0): Justlookinather, It would be too expensive Justus xD
Justlookinather rolls a 4 and 2
8ball(0): Justlookinather, Concentrate and ask again.
8ball(0): Justlookinather, It is certain.
aloneprince(28): no girl is here :(
aloneprince(28): imfrom delhi
aloneprince(28): any girls on kik ? msg me makabbas50
aloneprince(28): lol it feels like begging
aloneprince(28): its laughing
aloneprince(28): any lady here?
Halsey(13): YOU CHEATER
Halsey(13): I HATE BOIS
aloneprince(28): you returned
aloneprince(28): after 1 hour
Halsey(13): this place is boring
Mdma00(99): I thought you were going to take my suggestion
Alia222(22): Where you pretend to say something but you imagine its real
Alex2222222222(26): Hey kik me at... Tgirltrader
Littlesubgirl(22): Text me with how old u are 18+ and ill send u a nude (562) 473-6002
imaGirltown(23): Let me tease and seduce you in an instant :) kik me fast @ imaGirltown4
GentleSweetM(27): « kik GentleSweetM
Leidee07(28): Kik me now @leidee07
Leidee07(28): Lets play 😂😂
Leidee07(28): Wanna have fun.. kik me [email protected]
imaGirltown(23): Let me tease and seduce you in an instant :) kik me fast @ imaGirltown4
Analcumslut66(16): Kik diablo5944
mega0085(23): Megmeg900 my Snapchat
PandaBear(20): Horny girls Kik [email protected]_1996
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