where people say
"i live like 45 mins away from kyle"
teenagedgirl(14): ight, bye then
muggerfugger(31): no one is here to talk o u
Bigcb9999(17): No ones on
Callum(16): Anyone here
littlekim(19): Hows it goin
bitchbebossy420(24): Hey hows it going room
leogirl(18): Hello anyone there
CapitalSteez(21): Kik Sk8lyfe4life she's sending out nudes and taking request on nudes she'll do anything
GoodVirgGirl(17): i want to chat. :/
leogirl(18): Have any of you guys seen leo
leogirl(18): I'm jenny my boyfriend leo
GoodVirgGirl(17): ohh :D hi jenny :D
GoodVirgGirl(17): i thought your in a training? :D
welshlad(24): Any hot girls on here wanna chat?
welshlad(24): Then don't answer
leogirl(18): Okay 😜
leogirl(18): do you think welshlad is a it
Bot(0): leogirl, I don't think that you actually think.
leogirl(18): do you think welshlad is a it
8ball(0): leogirl, Cannot predict now.
leogirl(18): I caught a toad
leogirl(18): I caught a frog that is a toad
leogirl(18): I have caught lots of frog's but mostly toads
leogirl(18): I let it go
leogirl(18): I even caught a huge one and kept the toad and fed it
leogirl(18): I caught it for fun
leogirl(18): What is wrong with catching it for fun
leogirl(18): Okay fine bye wholelotoman
leogirl(18): Lots of people catch frogs even adults
welshlad(24): You think Welshlad is a it?
welshlad(24): Which means....
welshlad(24): What's an it leogirl?
leogirl(18): Nothing dfbv
welshlad(24): Oh I didn't know u were mentally handicapped sorry
leogirl(18): I meant nothing
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