where people say
"Aw Justus, good try bro lol"
Habibi(21): shoot me lol
Ozzy(99): A person is more interesting when u run into them
Nirvana(18): Definitely agree
Ozzy(99): not like knowing all about someone and when u hang out its a dead conversation
Ozzy(99): Like asking: what did u do today?
Ozzy(99): and then saying: oh i already read it online
Lexus(19): Ozzy sexy self.
IAMFRL(16): How u doing(#freinds)
Sadi(19): Hey guys
Sadi(19): Well I didn't think I'd come back here lol This place is addicting in a way haha
IAMFRL(16): Ok kinda hard and bored
trippy420(15): im bored asf
swag(99): PlEaSe sPeLl nOrMaLlY. i dOn't lIkE HaVe tO DeCoDe uNrEaL WoRdS. i'm tOo lAzY FoR ThAt.
hornymed(18): I need ppl to snapchat
Sadi(19): Sorry to hear that
hornymed(18): Um alright
hornymed(18): Whos got snapchat
Sadi(19): What's up trippy
hornymed(18): who's gonna add me
Sadi(19): Obsessing over a song by the weeknd lol it's old
Sadi(19): Could never get over wicked games
trippy420(15): omg thats my fav❤❤❤❤❤
Sadi(19): I really want to go to one of his concerts
hornymed(18): I'm sorry but I've never heaRd if em
Sadi(19): Lol it's okay hornymed
Georgechanaa1(18): Horny girls lookin to sext? (;
Sadi(19): No there's no horny girls here sorry
Funkymonkey(29): Thought you were never using this chat again Sadi
Sadi(19): I thought the same too
Sadi(19): Old habits die hard, you know?
trippy420(15): haha its addicting
Funkymonkey(29): How you been
Sadi(19): Fine thank you, hbu?
Aaaa(18): Anyone horny ;)
Sadi(19): Lol I don't normally go looking for chat rooms and crap haha it's like now I subconsciously know I could randomly chat on something when I'm bored
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