where people say
"Oh, you are real lol"
Spanxy(99): Yep. On the ocean
NEAT(26): Yea i remember kris
NEAT(26): Oh that's nice
Adam(30): ...Yea...
Spanxy(99): Love her
Adam(30): ...lesbo...
Spanxy(99): Shhh I'm in the closet
Adam(30): ...i neeed sleeeeep...
NEAT(26): You can do it
Spanxy(99): My gf is Neata. Where has she been?
Ohdamnnnn99(69): I'm about to fall asleep
NEAT(26): She might come back
Malcolm(26): Well well well...
Adam(30): too...
Adam(30): ...fuck now...
NEAT(26): She's a whore though so who,knows
Adam(30): ...fuck fuck fuck...
Spanxy(99): Malcolm!!!
Adam(30): ...fuck fuck...
Ohdamnnnn99(69): Does everybody on here stay in contact aside from this chatsite?
Ohdamnnnn99(69): Aside from kik
Malcolm(26): Omg, its been FOREVER..
Spanxy(99): I know! What's up man?
Ohdamnnnn99(69): Have any of you ever met anyone off of from here?
Malcolm(26): Welllll, a lot..
Malcolm(26): But I'm quite alright tho
Malcolm(26): I hope anyways
Malcolm(26): How's hubby n kids?
Spanxy(99): Kids are wonderful
Malcolm(26): That's good
Malcolm lights a blunt
Ohdamnnnn99(69): Peace out all! Adam take it easy man thanks again!
Malcolm(26): Where's Adam!?
WhoreMuffin(23): bella you lurker
Malcolm(26): Slik Rick
WhoreMuffin(23): whats up man?
Adam(30): ...why you asking for me?...
Adam(30): ...💣💂🏻🔫...
Malcolm(26): Nm Ricky..bored as per usual
Adam(30): ...He blocked me I think...
Spanxy(99): Ugh I got booted off
Adam(30): ...xD night CB...
amberlast00(19): just looking for a real guy im kinda bored,have some fun hmu in kik amberlove0011
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