where people say
"Any horny girls ;) ?"
MrsSand(30): Oooooohjh!!! Cold case files!!!!
LSD(67): Cya mah crime partner
MrsSand(30): I'm out ppl :) good bye all!
LSD(67): Are you leaving ?
LSD(67): Sandy ,
MrsSand(30): Yes sir :)
MrsSand(30): Catch you later mister :) <3
LSD(67): Oh okay then good night ma'am and have a great weekend
LSD(67): Sandy <3
MrsSand(30): Thank you good sir, same to you!
LSD(67): You are most welcome and thank YOU
mrslegend(22): Anyone here?
mrslegend(22): Not even 1 person
LSD(67): I don't know honey
Lukeoneill(18): How are you
Lukeoneill(18): Boy or girl?
samuelh(18): Im a dude, is there any women ?
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