where people say
"She often offer me Coffee, massage and sometimes n..."
DMODE(99): no comprendo mi amigo
Juju031998(19): Espanol yay
DMODE(99): don't get too excited i just know a few words
DMODE(99): not even worth a conversation
DMODE(99): I am happy that I can communicate on english
Emolover(15): That's good
DMODE(99): muchas gracias porvore? lol
DMODE(99): por vorfore?? idek XD
Juju031998(19): U just said thank u very much please?
DMODE(99): yes because you said it would be ok
DMODE(99): oh wait yes delete the porvorvore or whatever
DMODE(99): just gracias
Emolover(15): il mio ragazzo a farmi domande
Emolover(15): What i said was my boyfriend asking me questions in Italian
TheGG(17): Your italian?
DMODE(99): she said her bf
DMODE(99): wait micheal is italian?
TheGG(17): No but shes writimg in italian
DMODE(99): yes but read slowly
Emolover(15): I'm mixed with black white and half Italian on my moms side TheGG
DMODE(99): oh wait nvm
DMODE(99): i read it wrong
DMODE(99): stupido hah
Emolover(15): non sei stupido dmode which means you are not stupid
Emolover(15): And i know alot of Italian words well some I'm still kinda learning from my cousin
Emolover(15): che stai facendo TheGG
TheGG(17): Thats pretty cool
Emolover(15): So your not doing anything thegg
TheGG(17): Not really no
ganon(24): Alrighty fam, taking off for the night. Thanks for rattlin' with me, even in languages I can't fully understand.
Emolover(15): sei divertente parlare con
ganon(24): But take care, and have a good one y'all. See ya around.
Emolover(15): Meanig you are fun to talk to
Emolover(15): Night ganon
ganon(24): The feeling is mutual. Peace out. Catch ya'll another time
TheGG(17): Bye ganon hope to talk to you soon
TheGG(17): Whats that mean
Emolover(15): Florida Kunfu
Emolover(15): che stai facendo
DMODE(99): and sorry for acting like a stronzo sometimes
DMODE(99): that is just the boredom hah
Emolover(15): It is taking forever to load
Emolover(15): Nvm it load
Emolover(15): che aspetto hai kunfu
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