where people say
SpiderJuan(26): Zig you are not a homo I was just playing round
zizigooloo(19): No craige maybe they are heels but not 10_15 cm heels?! Are they?
Gandi(20): Zizi where you from
SpiderJuan(26): When all the Juan's come together nobody could stop us
Zig(26): Whys is gotta cost soo much ;(
zizigooloo(19): Stop u from wt?
SonGoku(23): I don't know. I don't ask the man the details of his life. I just know he wears heels sometimes.
Gandi(20): Lovely man you probably have 10 oil fields.
Jewbacca(18): how are you
zizigooloo(19): Who is you?
Gandi(20): You zizi
zizigooloo(19): If i am the you, i am gooooooood
SpiderJuan(26): Will then he wont get help form me when he's in danger
Wallpaper thread
Gandi(20): Is that pic zizi
zizigooloo(19): Which pic gandi?
SpiderJuan(26): In danger yet zizi
Gandi(20): This lady above
NITT: Nipples
SonGoku(23): No nipple having bitch.
SonGoku(23): She doesn't have a belly button either!
zizigooloo(19): Its not me that naked lady! Lol
Ask a German-Dutch bilingual anything.
SonGoku(23): I AM NOT A NEWFAG.
zizigooloo(19): No spider not in danger yet haha
Gandi(20): Okay and sorry zizi.
SpiderJuan(26): Hitler don't say bad words
zizigooloo(19): Its ok gandiii :)
SpiderJuan(26): Zizi not in danger yet
zizigooloo(19): Lol lol lol
zizigooloo(19): U crazy boy
Gandi(20): Main you gonna save her from danger
SpiderJuan(26): Batman dosent do nothing right
zizigooloo(19): Yes 2month later i will be in a great danger
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