where people say
"Better hope u run like an olympian"
TehStalker(13): *hugs Bear*
TehStalker(13): You'll be fine :D I think.
BakedBear(17): Hah thanks kid
Stiffer(22): Have a good night ladies
TehStalker(13): While i steal someone else's font
BakedBear(17): Idk I'm sorry
Stiffer(22): Fuck here they comes
Stiffer(22): Why you sorry
BakedBear(17): Stay stiff
TehStalker(13): Stole someone's font
BakedBear(17): No I meant like stay here 😂😂😂😂
Stiffer(22): Omg so all this time you felt I was talking to you when a say there coming
TehStalker(13): /me gives Bear a potato wedge gun.
TehStalker(13): This is chatbored
TehStalker(13): *goes on too many things*
Stiffer(22): I am sorry bear that you miss interprets me
TehStalker(13): I should stick to less than 20 things x-x
thefreeman27(27): are playing a game girls or wat ?
TehStalker(13): No. We're playing hide and run away from life.
BakedBear(17): Oh... I thought you were leaving
Stiffer(22): Lol a good one stalker
Stiffer(22): Naaaa bear not leaving
thefreeman27(27): haha cute ^^
TehStalker(13): Bear o: When'd you join chatbored?
Stiffer(22): I am here since 2013
TehStalker(13): I'm here since 3-5 years ago.
BakedBear(17): Uhh like 2 weeks ago?
Stiffer(22): That's long
TehStalker(13): Oh and I'm not 13, just saying.
Stiffer(22): What was your user name
thefreeman27(27): i was in 3 days ago
TehStalker(13): TehStalker.
TehStalker(13): Blackfang773.
TehStalker(13): Forgot the other 2.
BakedBear(17): How old are you?
TehStalker(13): Idk anymore XD
TehStalker(13): 80 years old? ;D
TehStalker(13): *looks for other fonts to steal*
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