where people say
Greyson(22): Any girls in here?
Kalieb(16): Dude you have a small dick 😂
Greyson(22): How do you know
Kalieb(16): I'm talking about the dude who posted a dick pic
Greyson(22): R u a girl?
Greyson(19): So any girlls?
Honeybee(22): Anybody on?
Honeybee(22): Hi what's up?
Dan001(22): Mm the blue skies?
Honeybee(22): No it's raining outside
Dan001(22): Ok damn. Wrong gurss
Dan001(22): Haha good time to chill at home. Under the blankets and get some good sleep
Honeybee(22): Or nah jk sup
Honeybee(22): Damn. Rain gotta kill everything bring on the snow <3
Eleven sits
Eleven leaves
Dan001(22): Is this chat dead?
Turner(17): 17f up to roleplay, use me for any fetish, no matter how weird!! Kik me@ pturner99 with the roles/fetishes
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