where people say
"Yeah, but isn't she within the age of consent? Hah..."
Greygoose(99): I do t love u, but have a great day too
Paulsayshey(22): Any horny girls ?
Chrissy14(28): Wow it's still quite in here
Celebs to jack it to
SquirtMaker(21): Horny girls there
Archer08(26): Shit I board at work
Archer08(26): You still on bee
028(34): Anyone got a cucumber handy
BuyMeFood(23): Anyone wanna buy me food?
BuyMeFood(23): are all you guys just trying to get nudes?
Ken1(24): Hey everyone
Pleasantry(29): Bored how's people
028(34): I need to poo
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