where people say
"Would u like to see me in the picture steph"
Steph17(17): So team r u in
lukeoneill1995(19): All starz magpies
lukeoneill1995(19): We celtics all starz
lukeoneill1995(19): Its both how bout u
Steph17(17): What do u mean what I am in or what I go for
lukeoneill1995(19): Do u have a team u play
Steph17(17): Yeah college
lukeoneill1995(19): Ok cool im 19 btw
Steph17(17): Oh I am 17
amber15f(16): hey everyone
Steph17(17): So I am guessing ur tall
lukeoneill1995(19): Nah not really i bout 5"8 or 7 i can reach the hoop very close i play point guard
Steph17(17): Oh I am 5'10 and play starter and forward
amber15f(16): wierdest question ever but anyone on here not horny?
lukeoneill1995(19): I scored a 3pt early in the started lol
Steph17(17): Lol that's a little
lukeoneill1995(19): Yeah we play mix basketball u know
Steph17(17): Hey amber
lukeoneill1995(19): How u know i play mix basketball
Steph17(17): No I wasn't talking to u lol
lukeoneill1995(19): I play speacial olympics as well basketball of course so is my loacl basketball team
lukeoneill1995(19): Yeah i am pretty good trust me
Steph17(17): Sher u do
Steph17(17): If u r good y do u only make 3 points
lukeoneill1995(19): Yea i score in the basket a tricks as assist passes to players lol
lukeoneill1995(19): So they cant score 3pt cos we wanna lead the score
Steph17(17): Lol I score 25 points just for me in one game
lukeoneill1995(19): Well i got most score
lukeoneill1995(19): Do u play 4th quaters
Steph17(17): Lol there only 2nd quarter
lukeoneill1995(19): So can u beat me lol
Steph17(17): Lol I don't know
zig(26): Hotmail.cim
lukeoneill1995(19): I can score myself 20 points or 29
Steph17(17): But I can dunk
zig(26): Whoops lol
lukeoneill1995(19): Welll we lost last three games damn always a close gsme lol
lukeoneill1995(19): Would u like to see me in the picture steph
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