where people say
"ashley555 grabs krissy and dances with her"
Fallennangel(99): Uh you two get a room
BluNoi(15): You like my scent XD
GhostofBadger25(25): Join the discord if you want to talk with us all please?
VampireGirI(99): Brb gotta go wash again ! Pooofs
redpaulahott22(18): Anything you want to know, hit me up and I'll do my best kikme: redpaulahott22
bbw22(22): Play on Kik...? Hmu: ThickGal69
PsycOh(99): hey guis
Ponzee(39): Howdy ladies
Ponzee(39): Any one wanna chat
Gazzy(26): Vampire girl! It's been awhile how u
hottbootychix(19): If Anyone Is Still Up And Bored Maybe We Can Help Each other Out just kikme@ hottbootychix
divinashimp(20): wanna sext? im horny kikme @clarisselove001
Niket(31): My rod is hard
Niket(31): Bored as hell
Niket(31): Anyone watch"passengers"?
VampireGirI(99): oh hi gazzy hru !
VampireGirI(99): don't leave cb
BluNoi(15): You lied...
VampireGirI(99): I never lied
VampireGirI(99): Lied about wut
BluNoi(15): Look. I love you alright.
BluNoi(15): But... If ya liked someone else... Chase after em.
VampireGirI(99): idk wut to say
OhBree90(26): What the fuck
OhBree90(26): I'm trying to find you a girl and you over her with her!
BluNoi(15): I am telling her to go chase Dmode...
BluNoi(15): Anyways... Back to other chat
Justim(17): Help me stroke my dick. Kik me @ justin_0814
VampireGirI(99): I hope ur happy with that girl Bree's finding for you I guess
BluNoi(15): But you keep running off...
OhBree90(26): Vamp why are you acting like this
VampireGirI(99): Cus I'm scared
Justim(17): Looking for a naughty girl. Kik me @ justin_0814
OhBree90(26): Scared of what? 🎤
VampireGirI(99): idk how to deal with my feelings okie
OhBree90(26): Let it out!
OhBree90(26): She's talking to you bud
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