where people say
"...I have a picture of you in my mind...."
Crysis(17): What do you mean? Why we broke up?
Wholelotoman(24): Justus doesn't like me cause he thinks all I want is sex hottie.
shrimp91(23): I broke up with ex 3 months ago
Crysis(17): Just stopped talking as much after she went back to Russia in summer
Justus(17): Where'd you go?
Itshottie(21): I'm gonna cuddle with my turtle
Crysis(17): She'll be here on Tuesday tho
CrayZCrayola(26): Gonna see her?
Itshottie(21): And my snake
Justus(17): I have a turtle. You can't cuddle with him. Its an alligator snapping turtle
Wholelotoman(24): Careful turtles can be smelly
Crysis(17): Missed her..
Justus(17): Its also illegal to have...
shrimp91(23): After 5 years of common law marr
Justus sneezes
Bot(0): Justus has fallen out of existence...
CrayZCrayola(26): Tell her I miss her!
Justus sneezes again
shrimp91(23): Fucking cheated on me in my house all over facebook
Bot(0): Justus has returned to the light...
Itshottie(21): If I get a dirty pm again in gonna freak in lesbian guy like god
Crysis(17): All over facebook in your house? Damn
Justus sneezed again
sea(17): what's up
Bot(0): sea, Nothing. What about you?
Bot(0): Justus has fallen out of existence...
Crysis(17): I sure will
Hey /b/, I'm sick and need to throw up like a motherfucker, but I'm having some troubles. 68 decides how I make the vomitting commence
Justus(17): ...Okay. I think I'm done....
sea(17): what u think about crysis
Bot(0): sea, ONLY IN MURICA
Crysis(17): What sea?
sea(17): oh nothing i m asking bot :)
Justus rubs Shrimp's shoulders and calms her down
Crysis(17): There's only crisis in America xD
shrimp91(23): And im single fun
Any cheaters on /b/ care to answer some questions? Male or female I don't care. Also I'm not looking for a one time cheater, preferably someone with an ongoing affair. What I really want to know is what motivates you to stay in a relationship that isn't meeting all of your needs? Cheating has always confused me because I consider myself to be an honest person. If my relationship is broken to the point where I would consider cheating, I end it. But why continue doing something you hate? It just seems like you're wasting everyone's time when you behave like that
sea(17): being single is not that bad though :P
shrimp91(23): Love being single
Justus(17): ...I was single til I was 16 ...
sea(17): for real ?
Justus(17): ...Then I was single before I was 17 ...
shrimp91(23): He has does it on mother's day
sea(17): dam justus :P
sea(17): first kiss thread ?
Justus(17): ...I'm not now, tho ...
shrimp91(23): When I was pregnant with my daughter I lost a couple months later
Justus(17): ...Damn......
Justus(17): ...I'm sorry......
sea(17): so justus how's ur son ? is he doing good XD
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