where people say
"31 minutes"
Trouble(24): Woke up in the arms of my bro in law
Trouble(24): Dude was teary eyed
Trouble(24): Nah but almost
Shrimp24(24): How that happen
Justina(18): he just said
Trouble(24): Wheres your gf
Justina(18): she goes to bed early wtf
Trouble(24): Boring ass
Justina(18): ive been saying
Trouble(24): You suck on a nip yet or nah
Justina(18): its been a day since i last told you no lol
Trouble(24): Make a move
Trouble(24): Thought i motivated you
Justina(18): i didnt even see her since
Trouble(24): Wtf she gonna do if you grab her honestly
Trouble(24): You her bf
Trouble(24): She cant call you a creep
Justina(18): shed probably say i raped her or some shit
Trouble(24): Just whip your dong out see what happens
Justina(18): shed probably scream and run
Trouble(24): You got nothing to lose
Trouble(24): Fun relationship you got there
Justina(18): is stephen curry half white
Trouble(24): Nunya in horny
Justina(18): what a whore
Cody10109119(18): Kik me Cody.hinson
Doitbigg(23): youre wrong
Doitbigg(23): xlixking other users
Doitbigg(23): WhT are those
Jessiexo434(21): Really aggressive degrading guys Kik me at jessiexo434
Chuckers(30): How is everyone tonight?
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