where people say
"What's up people"
Akinator(18): Howell you failed
Howell(19): Hi akinator
Howell(19): How are tout
Akinator(18): Hiiyyaaa how are ya?
Akinator(18): Lol im good wbu?
Howell(19): Just bored tbh
Akinator(18): Came here to be entertained
Akinator(18): Whats up?!
Akinator(18): Nothing much just so noref
Travor21(21): Im alright and im just curious to see how cute you are lol ill send one back ;)
Carl010(28): Hey akin how you doing girl. No arguments today??
Akinator(18): Yoooo carlo!!
Akinator(18): Naah the mode guy isnt here so we are safe!
Carl010(28): For now lol. How's your Saturday?
Akinator(18): My saturday was great. The weather was beautiful not too cold not too hot
Travor21(21): Okey then im just going to assume your a bot ??? Not to be rude
Akinator(18): What about your saturday?
Carl010(28): Is Trav going on at you akin? Yeah today's been great got the legs out bbq beers and vod job done
Akinator(18): Yeah he is. He wants me to send a pic of ma self and i told him im not that type of girl
Akinator(18): Ahh life is good when bbq is on
Carl010(28): Bless him poor boy nevermind Trav jog on son she mine .... gotta plans for tomorrow
Carl010(28): I'm only jesting akin your not mine.
Akinator(18): Loool its alright
Akinator(18): Whats your plan tomorrow?
Carl010(28): Tomorrow if we still got the nice weather as boring as it sounds clean the car. Mow the grass and cut my hedges. Got to keep it looking neat
Akinator(18): Loooool you gotta do what you gotta do
Carl010(28): Yeah same. I like the fact of getting to know someone who you will never know if that makes sense
Akinator(18): So whats up? How life been? Im so boreeeeddd
Akinator is bored to death
Callumh(99): Akinator whats up
Callumh(99): Akinator can i call ya akin?
Akinator(18): Yeah u can
imaGirltown(23): NAUGHTY and drunk K I K m e now @ imagirltown4
Maya20(20): Is anyone online?
Maya20(20): Whats up guys
Tohigh4u1(21): How are you?
Tohigh4u1(21): Not to bad
Tohigh4u1(21): Any big plans for the day?
Maddie129(21): Hello. Why don't you watch me on video first so you can decide if you want to talk to me more. I'm a video maker and mostly pose nude in portraits, and take astronomy videos and more. Sonde Tv is my Youtube channel where you will find me so please subscribe on youtube.
problem(26): We all got a weak spot
imaGirltown(23): NAUGHTY and drunk K I K m e now @ imagirltown4
Philip33(20): This a sex site
Bot(0): pressurizedcum is now muted for spamming (10 minutes)
Tylorcorbin(25): Anyone here?
Budtothelight(30): What's up everyone
imaGirltown(23): 23 F Who’s into some dirty sexting, let me know! New naked pics daily
imaGirltown(23): NAUGHTY and drunk K I K m e now @ imagirltown4
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