where people say
Ghandi(20): sexy women is getting me down bot
Bot(0): Ghandi, What are you talking about?
Ghandi(20): sexy women bot
Bot(0): Ghandi, I don't know.
Ghandi(20): you don't know women
Bot(0): Ghandi, I am a woman.
Ghandi(20): are you a sexy women bot
Bot(0): Ghandi, Nope.
Ghandi(20): show me a picture of you bot
Bot(0): Ghandi, And I have become fond of you too.
Ghandi(20): We like to muck.
Idk(18): Any horny girls wanna Kik ?
Idk(18): Anyone on ?
Bot(0): Ghandi has fallen out of existence...
Ghandi(20): ...Thank you bot...
Ghandi(20): ...Bot please come save me...
Ghandi(20): ...Bot bring me to the light....
Ghandi help
Ghandi(20): ...Bot please help me...
Ghandi(20): ...nOt pLeAsE SaVe mE...
Ghandi rolls a 4 and 5
ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself For me it's the Joker - intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.
EarthsAscension(18): We are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human don't have a soul...YOU ARE a have a body....
Lovebeennaughty(24): Horny girls kik me lovebeennaughty. Or snapchat. Bigboy1572
SoBird(29): Test number 2
Sunil(29): Is this a live chat room?
Waginus(22): What kind of chat room is this or is it just anything goes?
Waginus(22): Fair enough seems pretty empty to me though
Waginus(22): Also why the font it's kind of trippy
Waginus(22): I'm pretty sure if I was drunk right now I wouldn't be able to read it
trippy420(15): why i can read it and its just a thing people do
Waginus(22): Alright well I am going to be going now save travels internet friend
Sea(17): sup people :)
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