where people say
"It must be your lucky day! I'm exactly what y..."
gainsallday(26): Kik me gaines051911
Fifi13(25): Hey room
mamilola(18): who wanna Skype nd dance for me naked only girl, I'm a girl too
mamilola(18): yes get sexy
mamilola(18): would u do more than that/
mamilola(18): what's ur skype?
mamilola(18): make on rn
mamilola(18): see u nd maybe sum more
mamilola(18): whatever u want
AKAcoleen(19): send me one erotic msg on Kik , here's my [email protected]
Grave(19): any girls wanta skype
Grave(19): any girls want to skype and share pics
Jackattack5178(17): Hey I'm trading girl pic for pics if interested please reply on Kik @ jackattack178 and i have videos too
Lindsey19(20): Hey any girls wanna kik add me lindseybryant19 :)
Lindsey19(20): I also have a Skype :)
Doggirl(18): ill think about it I guess
Doggirl(18): Ok I'll go
Doggirl(18): Oops didn't mean to send that pic
Doggirl(18): just trying the picture feature
Doggirl(18): are there any other lesbians that want to trade pics
Doggirl(18): customers like paying customers?
Doggirl(18): ill go on kik and we can talk there maybe
Doggirl(18): i like dogs
Doggirl(18): and I am a girl
Doggirl(18): ok jack I will
Lindsey19(20): Any girl wanna kik add me Lindseybryant19 also I have Skype
Willystang(88): Your a dude arnt you?
Morgan6669(18): Kik anyone?
MikeyFMG(17): Haha all the dudes in the lesbian tag trying to get girls
MikeyFMG(17): Sup morgan
MikeyFMG(17): O this tag also dead.. :( then ill move on see ya all
Highfive86(30): What's up people
Brettaylor99(18): Hey girls I know I'm a male but most only looking for friends so yea just need new friends
sam(21): hi every one
sam(21): any one is here?
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