where people say
"anyone Kik?"
Justlookinather(24): It used to have people talking bout random stuff, now
Dicks(31): Big tits
Greekmum(32): I fucking hate lesbians
Allison3(27): Hello ladiez?
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Laksjdhg(22): What's everyone doing
Allison3(27): Hey any ladies here
ShmoKe(24): #chatbore kik public chat room
corpells(69): Anyone want to Kik
HornyAFDad(99): Any naughty ladies on ;)
BeastM4n(99): Sup! You from out of town
Allison3(27): Now do not open your mouth, keep it closed. (As I run my cock over your face, and lips)
JennyMarie69(33): Subscribe to see my youtube live stream tomorrow!
Yourdaddy69(16): Let's Skype 😉 add me @ yandel675
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Jess191(19): Someone text me im very lonely😕
Strongbow69(25): anyone here?
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Analcumslut66(16): Kik diablo5944
hornyman345(20): any girls ? mm
Justlookinather(24): Y do guys go on here? R they lesbians?
Sophia55(21): Someone kik me Sophia7658
Analcumslut66(16): Kik diablo5944 for fun
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