where people say
"We can learn to know eachother"
SAO(18): Jia12 u here?
Bot(0): farahh is now muted for spamming (10 minutes)
ashter(29): kik any one
Fifi13(25): Hey room
tshaley(19): and ladies here
KasiaR(19): Hey! Anyone wanna snapchat male or female! kasia.rea
Tatyanna(19): Need to let loose anyone wanna help
Hauntedone(16): How's everyone
Camboboy(19): Heyy anyone up for a chat??
debbie430t(43): Whos on kik
Bot(0): SAO is now muted for spamming (10 minutes)
SAO1(23): Jia or Amanda had to sign out and back in stupid muted thing u still there?
Wbguy(28): Hey room
Wbguy(28): Bi couple here
Wbguy(28): Any girls around
Saaavan(18): I'm so hornyyyy
lovesue108(22): Wanna see me in Live Vids? and Pics? just for FREE Follow me on @K!k> lovesue108
SAO1(23): well what are u thinking ?
blake22(24): Remmy3212 kik me girls only
Hungfun08(23): Kik hungfun08
SAO2(23): Jia u there?
SAO2(23): It's me steven
SAO2(23): what about u
Pussywetbrown(27): Snapchat anyone
Fifi13(25): Hey room
Fifi13(25): I'm good you
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