where people say
"Dead chat room"
Mavery(21): Hit me up on kik @ Mavery396
Dukejim(28): HMU dukejim
Joseistheway2(20): Someone kik me joseistheway2
Budtothelight(30): What's up people
megtaz3(23): Snapchat me meg89578
Marvelfan(19): Hey any girls here msgs this great, fun, loving, incredible guy on kik. His name is bman4681
Marvelfan(19): what ubet, got a prob
Ubet(22): This guys trying reverse psychology
Marvelfan(19): Oh fuck off ubet
Marvelfan(19): U dnt knw him
Ubet(22): No need for atitude
Marvelfan(19): Why dnt u go fuck off some1 else ubet
Ben71(21): Damn that's aggressive
Marvelfan(19): Well no need 2 b a jerk
Ubet(22): I can see your very tough ,super intimidating
Marvelfan(19): I'm helping a friend & this guy says it reverse psychology
Marvelfan(19): i am tough
Marvelfan(19): Besides u dnt knw him anyways ubet
Ubet(22): Yea yea pfff
Marvelfan(19): Oh god there tht jerky attitude
Ben71(21): It's okay just ignore him
Marvelfan(19): Go somewhere else 2 spread misery & hate
Ubet(22): I'm trying to relax
Marvelfan(19): Ur being an asshole
Marvelfan(19): Saying like u knw some1 which u dnt
Ubet(22): You keep insulting me
Marvelfan(19): 🖕🏾u
Tohigh4u1(21): Any one Snapchat?
Ubet(22): Anyway your only nineteen years old I will let u off for being rude this time marvelfan
Ubet(22): I'm glad u apologized
Marvelfan(19): I didn't apologize u idiot
Ubet(22): I'm busy now thanks for the cheap entertainment
Marvelfan(19): Thx 4 being a dick
Ubet(22): I'm getting messages saying your rude to everyone and I shouldn't takeit personal
Marvelfan(19): I'm not rude
Marvelfan(19): I'm just dnt lik jerks
Ubet(22): Thanks for the heads up people I will avoid marvelfan
Marvelfan(19): Guys who pick on some who can't defend him or her
Marvelfan(19): Ugh 😑
Ubet(22): Any hot chiks want to chat get at me
Ubet(22): Green eyes ,lean ,tats,sxy
Adrian1199q(17): Any horny girls in here
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