where people say
"I shall listen."
VampireGirI(99): ...igtg....bye
BluNoi(15): Yep... Ima just leave CB...
OhBree90(26): She's always like that
Catgirl002(20): She comes and goes and also queen of troll
OhBree90(26): I gtg,bye, and Wtf are her signature words
magan(19): hi chat me on k.i.k just add me now im so horny right now>>reasonwhy_iwant<<
BluNoi(15): No Megan.
OhBree90(26): And she loves Dmode
BluNoi(15): She... Lied to me...?
trishareed14(21): Im trisha 21 from florida im bored right now looking for the friends and if you want to chat me kik on >> trishareed14 << if you want guys :)
OhBree90(26): She told me I was her best Frend and that's not even true. ;(
VampireGirI(99): I do have feelings for dmode too ......I hate this
BluNoi(15): Well... Bye everyone.
OhBree90(26): 👩🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻
Catgirl002(20): He dont like you lol
VampireGirI(99): Blu don't leave
BluNoi(15): Vamp... Just chase after him...
OhBree90(26): Blue we'll set you up with a nice girl!
BluNoi(15): Humph... Sure.
VampireGirI(99): I'm not nice ?...wait what blu?
BluNoi(15): But everyone on here is not of age...
VampireGirI(99): Okie I'm leaving
OhBree90(26): Jerry springer music comes on
BluNoi(15): All I'm good at is chasing people away
OhBree90(26): Exactly aren't you 15
PsycOh(99): Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
OhBree90(26): Okay so we'll get you a nice 15 year old
BluNoi(15): But none get on here.
OhBree90(26): Vamp kid is like 13 anyways
OhBree90(26): She's emotionally unstable
Catgirl002(20): 14 from what i was told
SweetArci(22): im your one way ticket to your wildest dream.kik me @ SweetArci
kathtaylor(18): kik me @kath.taylor
BluNoi(15): Alrighty...
OhBree90(26): This is getting good in random
magan(19): hi chat me on k.i.k just add me now im so horny right now>>reasonwhy_iwant<<
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