where people say
"She often offer me Coffee, massage and sometimes n..."
Submissivegirl1(13): I'll make a kik
Con6688(14): Are you horny?
Con6688(14): Give me your kik
Submissivegirl1(13): Submissivegirl1323
Con6688(14): I'll add u
diwas(28): he every one
Horny(20): Hi Any horny girls?
Ttgxxx54(18): Where the girls at
sam(21): hi every one
sam(21): i thing nobody is here instead off us
sam(21): cg04 r u male or female?
sam(21): m 20 UAE
CG04(18): Im female
CG04(18): 20 why does it say 21?
sam(21): i checked ur link it is fab
sam(21): yeah r u intrested in sex
sam(21): sex chat
sam(21): wait i m just asking
sam(21): by the why that link u urs?
sam(21): u thr ?
sam(21): go to hell
Bot(0): 143hotrm07 is now muted for spamming (10 minutes)
Bot(0): katiieshae101 is now muted for spamming (10 minutes)
143hotrm07(19): HMU on K.I.K i have something for you there that will make you happy its 143hotrm07
Dark(27): 30% chance of these girls a real girls on here 不不不不不 now it's like it's used me be when every girl on here was real that's was goodtime
Dickkkkkkkkkk(15): Who's horse y
Countryguy30(30): Anybody here?
Hugehornydick(13): Nudes anybody
Average22(22): Any girls got Kik?
Average22(22): I don't have any money. I'm sorry.
Average22(22): Any girls online?
xameek(18): any horny girl
Countryguy30(30): Anybody here?
Bottylover(21): Who is a girl here?
Sugna4(14): My cock is really hard. Any girls onlime
DikBerryPi(19): Any girls wanna trade? 7 inches 19m here
Cooterbug86(30): Any horny ladies kik me same as user name
Hoefasho(24): I like boys
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