where people say
ayato(16): why don't you have screenshots grr
KillYourelf(16): da fuq howd u not know that lmao
ayato(16): Adam I wasn't online at the time
JackTR(13): I don't take screenshots unless I find it funny
KillYourelf(16): ayataotaotaot
KillYourelf(16): ayatoatoatoatoatoatoatoatoatoaototatototooatoatoatotoatoato
ayato(16): sigh so it was even lame trolling
KillYourelf(16): toatoatoatototoatototototototototaototottaotot
KillYourelf(16): i already told stacie it was jack and she didn't give a fuck
KillYourelf(16): she's just really retarded so idc
KillYourelf(16): i thought it was stupid how she hates u lmaoo
ayato(16): lol idekkkkkk
JackTR(13): I can speak for myself fgt
JackTR(13): told her so many timea
KillYourelf(16): know know know know know know know know know
ayato(16): Once I told her no one cares and she BLEW UP AT ME
JackTR(13): Doesn't listen lel
KillYourelf(16): so she came at you? damn
KillYourelf(16): that sounds kinky af
ayato(16): she ignored dyl which pisses me off bc dyl told her to khs
JackTR(13): Didn't think someone would actually believe me when I say I'm 11
KillYourelf(16): did you like finish licking her poop and ass and tits?
KillYourelf(16): and perky nips?
JackTR rolls a 6 and 3
ayato(16): I'm str8
JackTR rolls a 4 and 6
KillYourelf(16): u said u were gay wtf
KillYourelf(16): naw now i don't believe niggers anymore
ayato(16): well for humor purposes I'm gay
JackTR(13): how to detect sarcasm???
KillYourelf(16): mmmmm u should just fuck stacie then for a laugh
ayato(16): that's acc funny Adam lmao
JackTR rolls a 1 and 5
JackTR rolls a 1 and 6
KillYourelf(16): fuuuck im hungry now
JackTR rolls a 6 and 1
JackTR rolls a 2 and 2
KillYourelf(16): wanna eat sum pussy now
ayato(16): jack I'm gonna have wifi today gimme YouTube recommendations
roxee001(19): I GUARANTEE satisfaction!HMU and i am ready to fulfill all secret fantasies coz i am up 4 ANYTHING! K1K me- roxee001
JackTR(13): I watch stupid shit so idk if you should be asking me
ayato(16): What does fana mean
BigDickPornFana(18): Name got cutoff short
BigDickPornFana(18): Supposed to be fanatic
ayato(16): idk jack I've forgotten all my youtubers so
ayato(16): I don't think I'll mind
BigDickPornFana(18): I'm a porn fanatic
JackTR(13): fake ass fan
PandaBear(20): Horny girls Kik [email protected]_1996
ayato(16): im not lol
ayato(16): I'm just on data most of the time
BigDickPornFana(18): but ye if anyone wants to Kik lmk
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