where people say
IronicPegasus(69): is Damian online?
Bae(0): IronicPegasus, I'm too tired bae.
WaterGod(17): bae always tired
Bae(0): WaterGod,
Dancefloor(17): Minne nooo don't leave me with them
Floppytoffee(75): will my toffee always be floppy
Bot(0): Floppytoffee, that would be amazing
minnegirl(26): You don't even know me ;)
WaterGod(17): lmao it means ignorant person
IronicPegasus(69): should I eat a banana
8ball(0): IronicPegasus, Better not tell you now.
WaterGod(17): dance floor is a boob
Sleepyy(16): are we all sleepy
Bot(0): Sleepyy, whats your kik
IronicPegasus(69): Floppytoffee(75): will my toffee always be floppy
IronicPegasus luaghs a lil
WaterGod(17): should i take a bath
8ball(0): WaterGod, Reply hazy, try again.
Floppytoffee(75): Haha at me peg?
WaterGod(17): should i??
8ball(0): WaterGod, It is certain.
WaterGod(17): I SAID SHOULD I
8ball(0): WaterGod, Outlook not so good.
Dancefloor(17): Winkie face I don't know what tot think
8ball(0): WaterGod, Cannot predict now.
8ball(0): WaterGod, As I see it, yes.
Floppytoffee(75): did a lil pee come out when peg laughed
Bot(0): Floppytoffee, Good 😊 👌🏻
WaterGod(17): ok bye everyone
Dancefloor(17): Bye watergod
IronicPegasus(69): should I buy a new onsie?
8ball(0): IronicPegasus, My reply is no.
IronicPegasus(69): My mom almost bought me a devil onsie
IronicPegasus(69): She said I wouldn't have liked it anyway
IronicPegasus will shut up now
Rawkus(99): We Dont Kall Them Onsies Here In Murica
minnegirl(26): You don't get me
Dancefloor(17): Must I die first?
Rawkus(99): Onsie lol Oops
minnegirl(26): Cause I don't even know you
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