where people say
Toffe(20): B*tch please i watched boku no pico
DMODE(99): intense shit like yaoi? :D
Kawa(16): You know what killing stalking is, it's kinda like that
Toffe(20): Oh... one of ours...
DMODE(99): why would you watch boku no pico nigga
Dogbrains(69): Smoke blunts stay zooted
suchanerdific(14): the only manga i completed was the one for ERASED
Kawa(16): well duh intense shit like yaoi
Toffe(20): That's Manhwa
Toffe(20): Korean comic
DMODE(99): also you should check out a gore movie that is so shit that it's title is diarrhea
DMODE(99): the title is "slaughtered vomitting dolls"
Kawa(16): Ik but i'm not reading killing stalking rn
Kawa(16): I already read all the chapters that are out
DMODE(99): it looks like 2 girls 1 cup just with gore
Toffe(20): yeh chapter 16's pretty good
Dogbrains(69): 18s the best
21fusa(21): 21 f ca horny as fuck add me on $ky pe as: shahroze.clever
Toffe(20): Or is it 15, the one where the yellow head dude hold the other guy
DMODE(99): yollo head dude hah
DMODE(99): domo arigato mr. carrotto
Dogbrains(69): The chapter with the words and the sentences was the best chapter
Toffe(20): You're mimicing Japanese..
Kawa(16): The one i'm reading rn is fucking yaoi and vampires n shit and fucking theres a play room it's not okay
Toffe(20): You need a doctor.
Dogbrains(69): readigs good for you
Toffe(20): Guys i think my boss is cray-zay
Toffe(20): She often offer me Coffee, massage and sometimes nice words.
Kawa(16): she lliiiiiiikes yoouuuuuu
suchanerdific(14): i think she likes you ;)
Dogbrains(69): wants to fuck
DMODE(99): she wants you to be her toyboy
Toffe(20): But oftently she treat me like a total good for nothing piece of shit, forcing me to stay at work longer than i was required and loooove to humiliate me.
Toffe(20): Ohoho, i think she's mad.
suchanerdific(14): because she's a sadist
DMODE(99): like I said toyboy :D
Toffe(20): No, she's mad.
Dogbrains(69): she probly freaky in bed
suchanerdific(14): she's a sadist but wants your D real bad
DMODE(99): she wants your me bad
Toffe(20): The salery is nice, but the enviroment and the works are heavy af
Dogbrains(69): probly fuc you w a dido
DMODE(99): she is probably into bdsm and that shit
Kawa(16): bitch did you say toyboy?
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