where people say
"Well first of all y'all need to go by first name b..."
ashley555 sits in the corner with rawkus
Amplifier(67): welp ur loss mrman
Rawkus Plays Tic Tac Toe With Ashlay
MrManhattan(19): seriously tho anyone up for some private chat? female?
Amplifier(67): go fuck college girls
Dawg(23): Feel like strangling a bitch rn
Rawkus Plays Chess With Ashlay
Dawg(23): Bring your ass over here hoe
Thedonger(24): I'm available
ashley555 beats rawkus at chess and tic tac toe hehe
Rawkus Plays Checkers With Ashlay
Amplifier(67): what tattoo should i get
ashley555 beats rawkus again yay!!!!
Rawkus Plays Hangman With Ashlay
ashley555 beats rawkus again yussss
Dawg(23): Get my name tatted above your eyebrow
Rawkus(99): Dwamn .. Shes Gud
Dawg(23): With paws coming down the side
Amplifier(67): Lol fuck up
Bamabitch(31): Hiyah folksπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ™ŒπŸ™‹
ashley555(23): Krissy its been years im old now
Rawkus(99): Ide Rather Be Part Of "The Solution" Then "The Problem"
Amplifier(67): Peace yall
Bamabitch(31): Lol hello mi amorπŸ’—
ashley555(23): Bye and bye
Dawg(23): Bye hoe, keep stacking my scrill
ashley555(23): Hello krissy mi amor
Bamabitch(31): Muah😘
Honeybee(24): Ok dawg will do bye
ashley555(23): Mwah 😘
Bamabitch(31): Hello dawg
ashley555(23): Hoedawg krissy said hi
Rawkus Slaps Herself
ashley555 slaps himself
ashley555 dances
ashley555 grabs krissy and dances with her
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