where people say
"How are you?"
skype69(30): looking for some skype
skype69(30): any girls for skype?
skype69(30): Any girls here
skype69(30): im looking for ladies to skype
Hpness(24): tf u be like hi hi
Hpness(24): sup hi lady
GREYSON(99): password?
GREYSON(99): hot poclet motherfucker
Hpness(24): lol did u eat that
Sate(99): Hm... @bluewing
Sate(99): not much, you?
Sate(99): That's good
Critter202(62): Hello ppl ☕☕
Imjustatortyboy(18): How you doing?
Sate(99): I am doing good
hotpicxCAM20(18): Kik me babe LEts play Or HMU I can Make your hard NOW, kik me> hotpicxCAM20
Alert(99): "Jay344","Jaynash","Crazyaf","Pssst","Drunkaf" "alcohol","Samuel24","sobored99","condom", are all him."IDKU", "LostMyMind", "Iamlost24", "icecreamcake","Samual26", Rob94, " "Nick2394", Calls himself Jay, Nic, Sam/Samuel/Samual, Nathan/Nate he'll make new accounts new names, is a smooth talker,he claims to be in 20s,lies,he is older over 30-40 yrs older,a pedophile,is a FAKE, pathological LIAR, a sociopath plays mind games.No social media you will never see him.He hides.He ask for pics.UPDATED!!
ronnyboi(14): Any girl wanna come kik or skype or snap?
Hpness(24): You are blocked by 2 users: BITCHIHATEYOU TurkeyUnderwear
djb203(23): Turkeyunderwear is mne
djb203(23): Ok i love you bye
punana(99): what's up
punana(99): don't answer sky pls
NewtonASDF(20): fuck off nigger
sweetyCAMhard(18): feel alone & bored right now.i wannna have some fun kikme: sweetyCAMhard
Apollosgod(20): Hello everyone
Loveme221281(22): Add me on loveme221281 can't do live right now at work but tonight we can hook up Kik me those cocks
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