where people say
Girlssuck595(29): Looking to chat with a guy
Duke34(21): hey dude
Redhead93(23): What's up?
Duke34(21): Not much just relaxing waiting for more people to show up
Joka(20): What everyone up to
Duke34(21): just casually talking on here
Joka(20): Tru shit
Duke34(21): How have you guys been?
Joka(20): Tired just got off work
Duke34(21): I had the day off today but it's boring doing nothing for a day
Joka(20): Same on my days off I'm like fuck what do I do
Duke34(21): after reading a book for awhile, I think hanging with my friends but they're at work when I have my days off it sucks
Joka(20): Tru shit I don't read really I mainly just tinker with my car
Duke34(21): A good book opens my mind and makes me imagine so crazy shit depending on the book
megtaz3(23): Snapchat me meg89578
21fbigbutt(21): 21 f usa horny as fucked join me on $ky pe as: live:ava.hot1
Budtothelight(30): What's up everyone
Lucyss20(19): Hello handsome! Need a hand jerking off? Kik me @ Candy000o
Duke34(21): Nm just relaxing
Itdoesntmattero(92): Tay please reply to me
Duke34(21): Anyone else here?
Nostalgia(16): How's it hangin
Duke34(21): Ghost town 👻
Duke34(21): Oh hey, didn't notice you there lol
Duke34(21): Sorry so how's it going?
Cammyron44(15): Snapchat : Cammyron44
Cammyron44(15): Add if horny
thickerr(22): so i accendently applied olive oil on my d shaft.. and now its hard since 2 hours
thickerr(22): and supper horny
thickerr(22): only if i had my girl right now who could apprciate it
Budtothelight(30): What's up people
Duke34(21): Dead chat room
Budtothelight(30): There all dead these days
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