where people say
"I shall listen."
BobbiTG(99): it will help
BobbiTG(99): you need to find a guy to tie you up, then make you cum!
BobbiTG(99): im getting there
BobbiTG(99): then when the feeling subsides and you don't want it anymore because you came, you can't help it
BobbiTG(99): He is going to fuck you, even though you are not that horny anymore
sissyvale(28): damn....this sounds really hot
BobbiTG(99): and the feeling is going to return quickly
sissyvale(28): and what will happen to me later?
BobbiTG(99): need to get you over the feeling that just because you came, you can stop being sissy
BobbiTG(99): because that will just simply never do
sissyvale(28): it's a really nice idea!usually I dont want anything after I cummed
sissyvale(28): and usually I dont like to cum for that reason
BobbiTG(99): yeah, i know
sissyvale(28): but I cant stop him if Im tied
BobbiTG(99): that is why you need trained
sissyvale(28): I think you can be a really good teacher to me
sissyvale(28): if you are interested in ling distance realtion
BobbiTG(99): I would love to do what i can
sissyvale(28): do you use kik?
BobbiTG(99): this could be lots of fun
sissyvale(28): I think you can drive me where I always wanted to be
BobbiTG(99): well, that all depends how far you are willing to go and how good of a slave you really are
sissyvale(28): I will do all my best to follow you
sissyvale(28): where are you from?
clariejhane21(18): hai follow me here on kik clariejhane21
sissyvale(28): we can have some problem with timzone but we can try ;)
BobbiTG(99): where you from?
BobbiTG(99): oh yeah, i knew that
BobbiTG(99): great english btw
BobbiTG(99): did you get my pic?
sissyvale(28): thank you!!!I'm studying it ;)
sissyvale(28): now yes, you are fabolous!!!
BobbiTG(99): oh, im ok
BobbiTG(99): is that really you?
BobbiTG(99): Beautiful!
sissyvale(28): thank you!
BobbiTG(99): does it feel good making cocks hard?
sissyvale(28): yes Madame, it's hot, a lot
BobbiTG(99): you are totally going to be a trap one day!
sissyvale(28): I really wish that!!!
BobbiTG(99): and you shave to! wow
BobbiTG(99): good sissy :)
clariejhane21(18): hai follow me here on kik clariejhane21
blake888(15): Anyone wanna own me
divinashimp(20): wanna sext? im horny kikme @clarisselove001
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